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Planermill Lug Loader


The Mill Tech Industries Clamp-N-Load Lug Loader accurately and consistently singulates boards into a downstream lugged transfer. Designed for high speed applications, its ability to gently handle all product widths make it an essential asset.  A low maintenance cam-driven machine, it offers reliability and simple troubleshooting to minimize downtime.

Lug Loader Features:

  • Cam-actuated ducker and clamping action for fast reliable board dealing
  • Clamping action uses non-marking belts for gentle handling of the wood
  • Overhead frame 'clamshells' open for quick, easy access
  • Dimension mill installations proven to 180 LPM
  • Stud mill applications proven to 225+ LPM

(Manufactured under license to: Canadian Patent #2,133,927 U.S. Patent #5,419,425)